With Trump Rally Canceled, Florida Republicans Press On With Voter Outreach

Seminole GOP adjust quickly to cancelation of Trump visit to Sanford on Friday to concentrate on voter outreach and keeping the momentum going to election Republicans to office.

“In 2016, we voted for the president a little over 1 percent,” said Linda Trocine, chairwoman of the Republican Party of Seminole County. “Seminole County has close elections and this November is no different.”

Despite the canceled rally, which was expected to draw several thousand supporters to Sanford International Airport, Trocine said her group will continue to push outreach and voting efforts.

“We have a great deal of enthusiasm,” Trocine said. “This election is about safety and jobs, and that’s what’s most important to Seminole County voters.”

Read full article here: https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/politics/2020/10/02/florida-democrats–republicans-ramp-up-voter-outreach-

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