Florida teams find voter, $$$ and campaign fraud

reps-vs-dems | Florida teams find voter, $$$ and campaign fraud

Florida teams find voter, $$$ and campaign fraud

Jay Valentine, founder of Omega for America, assists voter integrity teams in several states, including Florida, to expose phantom voters on their voter rolls. His latest article on the topic, “A Gigantic Egg all over Brad Raffensperger’s Face” is about the problems with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger’s support for the program.

Besides reciting the problems he’s been finding since 2019, Valentine also revealed two little known fraudulent issues with ERIC while working with voter integrity teams in Florida.

Valentine explains: “Three county sheriff’s departments contacted our team because they were interested in this kind of voter fraud — registered voters in vacant lots.  They each, separately, performed other analyses and found that vacant lots had accumulated fraud.

Many of those addresses harbored clearly fake voters — or real voters who were not there.  When they ran those addresses against the PPP (Payroll Protection Program), where Biden gave out free dough — guess what!  You got it!  Those address might not be able to get mail, but somehow, they got the dough! “

“A team in Florida, working with law enforcement found some of those scammy addresses harbored as ‘contribution mules.’ The contribution mule is the guy who has no discernible wealth but makes 4,000 donations a year, to candidates all over the country, in $50 increments. So where does that guy get his dough?” Valentine said.

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Florida is one of several states that have recently evicted ERIC and more states are abandoning the George Soros-funded program each week. To read Valentine’s entire article, go to: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/03/a_gigantic_egg_all_over_brad_raffenspergers_face.html

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